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Web design is a branch of graphic design consisting in the creation, planning and development of a website. Among other things, it deals with the aesthetic aspect of websites, their surfing conditions, their advertising attractiveness, their easy access to hierarchically ordered information, their concordance with the other design elements, and their treatment of images.

Design's working methodology requires active participation on the part of the client. Let's put it this way: the designer is in charge of creating new symbols for those concepts or ideas the that client himself is supposed to provide. So the designer's task is not to imagine what to do, but how to do it. For the work to be done satisfactorily, the client should be precise enough when telling the designer what he wants. Otherwise, the designer will be incapable of coming up to his expectations, or doing anything at all.

For you to understand better what Web design is about, we will speak of the website, the thing where Web design is actually applied. Websites have some distinctive characteristics, and one in particular, interaction, which makes them different from any other element of design. The following are the stated characteristics:

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Presence in the market: the Internet nowadays is by far the most chosen medium for buying and selling. As a result, not being on the Internet means losing the highest percentage of possible clients. Besides this, a company without a Web page will have an old-fashioned look and, worse still, will be within nobody's reach.

Having a Web page, on the other hand, permits these as well as other benefits. For example, a high-quality website will make a small company look big, successful, trustworthy, powerful. And all you need to do in exchange for all this is invest a little money.

Virtual office: Under the current circumstances -companies' buildings and factories are not familiar to people any longer in a world filled with multinationals and international commercial agreements-, the Internet seems to be the best solution. People need to associate a certain business firm with something "material" (something that replaces this firm's building, whose location is unknown these days). Well, this role is played by the website now -it is the website that people refer to when they have any doubt or want to make some comments. And the best thing is that you will not have to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in a well-decorated customer service office, as Web design of quality is not that expensive. On the contrary, for just a few dollars you can have an amazing virtual office that will leave visitors gladly impressed.

Interaction: this is the above-mentioned characteristic that makes a website different from the other elements of design forming a company's corporate identity. Every design element transmits a sender-recipient (company-potential clients) message and that is all. A website, on the other hand, allows a very promising double interaction.

  • User-company interaction: the user visiting some company's website receives the message that its design as a whole transmits, but he can answer this message, and also ask questions, or make suggestions, etc. The person in charge of the website receives the user's message and, in time, answers him. Thus, there is interaction between the company and its potential clients, which allows the former to know details about the latter, such as their interests, goals, tastes, etc. This information will be very useful for a future marketing campaign.
  • User-website interaction: yes, a website in itself also makes it possible to interact with the user. Average designs transmit a brief, clear message to the recipients. However, a website provides large amounts of information, grouped into different sections. So it is up to the user to select what he is interested in. Thus, he gets only what he wants and therefore advertising is not a bother to him.

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