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Here we will sum up the six key points to Web design that we have already dealt with -in more detail- in the two previous sections. This section, then, is for those who cannot devote too much time to reading. The following are the main characteristics and functions of a website, respectively.

  • Presence in the market: as the Internet is the most chosen medium for buying products or looking for a certain business firm, that a company has a nice, well-positioned website is equal to climbing up the commercial ladder, acquiring prestige, and being well-known in its own market as well as in others. Web design is the key to fame -nowadays it is the Internet that will make your company famous, just like some time ago it was the newspapers and the TV.
  • Virtual office: before industrialization and globalization, every single person knew the company operating in his zone through its building. As time passed, however, companies' buildings ceased being a reference point. Consequently, business companies became abstractions, which made them susceptible to fall into oblivion. Hence websites emerged. So now it is the website that people will refer to in order to get in touch with your company. In short, having a website is staying in the consumers' memories.

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  • Interaction: unlike the other design elements -which transmit a message from a company to a passive recipient-, the website permits interaction between the company and the recipient. Thanks to this, the company in question finds out about its potential clients' tastes, goals and wishes. This information will be extremely valuable for some future marketing campaign. But there is another possibility, namely that the user interacts with the very website instead of with someone responsible for it, as in the previous case. So in this case it is the Internet user himself that decides what he is and what he is not interested in.
  • Advertising: in comparison with traditional advertising -where the emphasis is placed on the advertisement rather than on the thing to advertise-, Web advertising is really modest. Therefore, it is through Web design that clients should be convinced, not through advertising. This clearly proves how important Web design is.
  • Promotion: the promotion of products reaches its peak on the Internet (for examples see the above section What is Web design for?). In short, there is no better way of promoting than through a website.
  • Sales channels: to cover different markets is a goal that every single company wants to achieve. To have an e-commerce website will allow your company to expand its range of clients in an extraordinary way. To sell your products on the Internet may well be a milestone in the history of your company.

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