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Hiring the services of a Web design agency means that your company will be open to new possibilities. In this section, we will be dealing with the three main functions of a website, for you to learn how to use yours.

Advertising: the Internet's advertising methods are rather peculiar. Traditional advertising places the emphasis on the advertisement as such, and not on the thing to advertise, e.g. a company, a product, a service, etc. In other words, what matters is how something is made known, regardless of what it is.

There are two kinds of traditional advertising: that which exaggerates the qualities of a product, and that which moves people's feelings by means of a striking plot. The former shows a product doing extraordinary things, for example some cleaning product cleaning a place thoroughly. The exaggeration is evident and, in most cases, the spectators know that what they are watching is not true, but the way in which this product is shown deviates their attention from its real utility and fills them with wonder.

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The latter deviates the attention from the product to such an extent that this is barely shown. This way of advertising appeals to people by turning to those deep-rooted values that are important to the target public. So it is not unusual seeing moving TV or radio advertisements in the shape of a story, a testimony, or even a tale. Generally, the selling product is in the background, or is seen only at the very end of the commercial. The intention here is to convey the feeling this commercial produces to the product itself.

In either case, the purpose is to move people's feelings in order to make them think that the advertised product is something necessary. On the Internet, however, things are quite opposite to this. A website is advertised in related Web pages, by means of little, non-attractive Web ads or links that take those who click on them to the website in question. So it is not the advertisement that has to catch people's attention, but the very website. This is why Web design is so important -because it is the key to attract new Web visitors.

Promotion: promoting a product consists in adding something to it to make it look more desirable. A website is perfect to launch a really good promotion campaign. Let's see three examples:

  • Special offers: you can include these offers in a separate section in your website. Thus, people will come across them only in your Web page, and not in supermarkets and the like. As time goes by, they will get used to visiting your Web page to check the current offers. But, what good is delimiting the scope of my offers?, you must be wondering. First of all, the Internet being the most suitable medium for advertising, publishing on the Web is exactly the opposite to delimitation. Secondly, by doing this you will be forcing people to visit your Web page if they want to know which products are on special offer. Eventually, the number of visitors to your website will increase. However, each of them will believe that he or she is the only lucky one to have found the offer in question, and will want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. As a result, the sales of the promoted products will rise.
  • Labels: you can label those products you want to promote. On the stated labels you should include your company's e-mail address, an explanation for the promotion, and an alphanumeric code. Besides, you should add a separate section to your website -to be visited by those benefited from the promotion. There, there will be a digital device for them to enter the alphanumeric code. Having done this, they will be presented with printing tickets to different shows, e.g. the theater, the cinema, etc. By using this system you will have your products promoted, but will also attract many new Web visitors.
  • Printing discount coupons: these are for your clients to get those products you want to promote at a discount. To do this, you will probably need to make arrangements with the stores selling your products so that they accept the stated coupons. The number of visitors to your website will increase considerably on account of this. Moreover, as we have seen in the above item "Advertising", if its design is nice and it has been advertised in related Web pages, the result will surpass all expectation.

Sales channels: the website is the most impressive of all the possible sales channels, i.e. the markets where your products are sold. Reaching the Internet will be the biggest step your company ever takes -Web selling is commonplace these days, as there are no more taboos against buying on the Internet (although a certain feeling of insecurity still remains). So offering your products in this way will make it possible for you to make sales all around the world, no matter if day or night, if working day or holiday. This is really fantastic, and you just have to ask your designer for an e-commerce website. These are websites that sell products by themselves, that is to say it is the user who chooses the product(s) he wants from a list including pictures and some technical details. The procedure is simple enough: upon deciding how many articles of the stated product(s) he is going to buy, this user enters his credit card number and that is it, the sale is made. Even when it is true that e-commerce websites are more expensive than the ordinary ones, it is profitable to have one of these regardless of its cost.

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