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This website has been conceived to provide you with the necessary information for you to start thinking of the design for your own corporate Web page. Our goal is to advise you on every single aspect so that your project on the Internet is planned out successfully. Although you do not need to be very knowledgeable about this, our website is not aimed only at inexpert people. On the contrary, if you happen to be an expert, you may also find it useful to get acquainted with some good ideas.

What is special about this website is that it is aimed at you, the client, the one who hires a Web design service. Most websites about Web design are aimed exclusively at designers, so their contents are based on technical and formal subjects. We, on the other hand, offer the client a practical and theoretical guide for him to be able to come up with some good Web design in order to give precise, clear instructions to the designer he hires. But there are also the tips, which will help you figure out some clever ideas for your Web page, too. In short, those reading this website will be well-informed and therefore in a position to get what they want.

Where design is concerned, the client's participation is essential. Not only because it is he who orders the job, but also because he is supposed to approve or reject what the designer suggests, and tells him what to do. Then, a client ignorant of Web design will reject good suggestions and give wrong instructions. After reading this website, however, the possibility that you make these mistakes will have lessened considerably. Thanks to the knowledge of Web design that you will acquire here, you will learn to tell the difference between what is convenient in advertising and commercial terms and what you like better.

corporate website design

For better understanding of the concepts, this website has been divided into different thematic sections which get more specific as you keep on reading. However, there is a pedagogic point of view, too. Of course you can read the sections in any order, or even read only those you are interested in; nevertheless, we advise that you should read them consecutively in order to extract not only information from them, but also consistency of learning.

In Web design there is definition and full exposition of the stated concept, i.e. Web design, and reference to its basic characteristics. In What is Web design for? you will learn about a series of advertising and commercial benefits that a website brings about. Web design: a summary, as its name suggests, is a brief summary of the two previous sections. New sales options treats of the new sales channels and possibilities that a website reveals. Lastly, Search engine positioning deals with this activity, given its importance in the digital market these days.

Welcome to our website about Web design aimed at clients. We are truly thankful that you have chosen us to help you, and we are glad to invite you to go ahead.

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